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In East Asia, the FSPC currently maintains partnership ties to 4 churches: The China Christian Council / the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant churches in China (CCC/TSPM); two Presbyterian churches in Korea, namely, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) and the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK); and the United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ).

These contacts are mostly based on long-term connections established by Basel Mission and the Swiss East Asia Mission and continued today by mission 21. mission 21 has several ecumenical staff members working in East Asia and also supports various projects there. For example, mission 21 is in charge of coordinating the exchange program between Swiss and Korean churches. This cooperation was put down in writing in 1988 in the partnership agreements between the FSPC and PCK, PROK and UCCJ, and in 1998/99 with the CCC (renewed in 2005).

The FSPC’s main activities are in the field of theology and an exchange of ideas regarding the social-political commitment of churches. Here, the FSPC can share its experiences based on its good rapport with the government and its own social-political commitment. In turn, the FSPC also gains valuable and horizon-expanding insights. For example, the situation in China with its rapidly growing churches challenges the Reformed churches in Switzerland, whose numbers are steadily dwindling, to think about ways to make Reformed life in Switzerland more vibrant and compelling.

The East Asia PEX is an important point of intersection for the FSPC to its member churches and to mission 21. Other points of intersection are meetings in Switzerland and delegation trips to Asia attended by representatives of the member churches and mission 21.