bulletin 1/2012

- Wittenberg, Zurich, Geneva

Who owns the Reformation?

In Germany, the Reformation Decade is (still) called Luther Decade. This focus makes the Calvin Jubilee in 2009 seem like a mere appetizer and completely snubs the Zwingli Jubilee in 2019. What’s more, it’s not entirely clear what we talk about when we talk about “Reformation.”.

Immigration Activities

Human rights are the common thread

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches caused quite a stir in June 2011 when it announced its participation in a six-month pilot project monitoring deportations. Now that the pilot project has been completed, we want to take this opportunity to review the project and how it fits in with the church’s activities in the field of immigration.

- Religious Tensions in Europe

Christian, Unafraid, and Open to the World

It is easier for Christians in Europe to open up to people from other parts of the world when they bear in mind their own core values and traditions.

- Reformation Today

The Reformation has transformed Europe

“Speaking between ourselves, the only interesting part in all of this is Luther’s character, and it’s also the only thing that really impresses the masses. Everything else is confused nonsense that continues to burden us every day,” old Goethe wrote to a friend

- Rousseau Year 2012

The Joy of Finding the Mot Juste

The Protestant churches are now celebrating the 300th birthday of the philosopher, thinker, and believer Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Philosopher, Thinker, Believer. In his deep desire for constant communication, the eminent representative of the Reformed tradition also expressed some problematic thoughts.

- Refugee Sunday 2012

Hospitality is a two-edged sword

Like every year, an appeal on behalf of the churches and religious communities for Refugee Sunday and Refugee Sabbath, held on June 16 –17, 2012, follows the Refugee Day Campaign of the Swiss Refugee Aid Association.

– Confession Survey

Bringing Christian Faith into View

The rate of response is disappointing. Only five percent of the 3700 pastors, church authorities and special departments have commented on the “Workbook of Reformed Confessions.” All the same, it is a milestone in the history of the Swiss churches that this discussion about confessions will take place all across Switzerland.

– Faith in the World

The Evangelical Churches of the Middle East

The evangelical churches of the Middle East have been contemplating their future in an area faced with great upheaval. In view of the many different ways that the “Arab Spring” has developed in different countries, the Christians there, and Protestant Christians in particular, have been faced with many new challenges.

– “Where are you, Adam?”

The Discussion of Human Rights from an Ecumenical Viewpoint

In his Tag- und Nachtbüchern (Day and Night Journals), Theodor Haecker wrote on March 31, 1940: “A global catastrophe can be useful for some things. Including for finding an alibi before God. Where were you, Adam? I was in the World War.” The search for Adam, for the human being, did not begin in the Second World War and did not end after it. The question has been part of humanity and has preoccupied humanity from the beginning.