Diaconal Conference

The Diaconal Conference is a FSPC think tank meeting twice a year to discuss selected topics. The Diaconal Conference consists of delegates from the member churches, as well as diaconal institutions and organizations. Every member church sends one representative to the Diaconal Conference while larger diaconal institutions may have several seats. The relationship between the Diaconal Conference and the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches is governed by the FSPC’s Conference Rules. A delegation of the Diaconal Conference is represented with two seats in the FSPC Assembly of Delegates.

The Diaconal Conference started out as a grassroots movement. In 1991, the Assembly of Delegates commissioned the FSPC Director’s Board to find ways of improving the coordination of diaconal responsibility in the Swiss Protestant churches and institutions. As a result of these considerations, the Diaconal Conference was established in 1993. Only by pooling all resources on a national level can the church and its diaconal institutions meet the challenges of today’s growing social problems.

» Profile of the FSPC Diaconal Conference
» Conference Rules (german)