Protestant-Jewish Dialogue Commission

Commission of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) and the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG)


  • The EJGK promotes mutual respect between Christians and Jews, works to strengthen the trust between the two communities and supports a culture of reliability.
  • The EJGK deals with intellectual-cultural, ethical, existential and religious issues.
  • The EJGK supports the FSPC Council and the SIG Board of Directors in their efforts to promote peace and justice.


  • In consultation with the FSPC Council and the SIG Board of Directors, the EJGK considers fundamental issues in the relationship between Judaism and Protestant Christianity and summarizes the results in an appropriate manner.
  • The EJGK brainstorms ideas to improve the mutual understanding between Christians and Jews and makes suggestions about how to implement them.
  • The EJGK supports the FSPC and the SIG in their efforts against anti-Semitic statements and acts.
  • The EJGK keeps in contact with institutions, committees and associations pursuing similar goals.

PJDC Mandate (german)