Swiss Churches Abroad CHKiA

Commission for Swiss Churches Abroad CHKiA

“Being Protestant, Being Church” occurs in many ways and crosses many boundaries. The Commission for Swiss Churches Abroad contributes toward this in its work. The Commission supports Swiss Protestants in living their Protestant faith abroad on behalf of the Council and within the constitution of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches.

The mandate describes the tasks of the Commission. This includes:

  • The procurement of information on the self-image and needs of Swiss Protestants abroad for church adherence;
  • The approval of start-up funding for projects;
  • The support and assistance for the Swiss churches in Milan, Misiones, and London during their transition toward financial independence from the FSPC, planned by the end of 2017;
  • The search for and/or sending of Swiss pastors and social-diaconal staff to the aforementioned Swiss churches, if this is requested; this is also done for churches and church associations with which the FSPC enjoys a contractual exchange of personnel;
  • Support from the fund of the Commission for Swiss Churches Abroad for German-, French-, and Italian-speaking congregations abroad and former independent Swiss churches abroad associated with the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD), the Fédération protestante de France (FPF) and the Federazione delle Chiese Evangeliche in Italia, in which Swiss people are members or regularly participate in their offerings as guests. Small contributions are currently being made within this framework to the Chiesa Evangelica Ri-formata Svizzera in Genoa, the Comunità evangelica di Confessione Elvetica in Trieste, and the former Swiss Church in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as to sixteen other French- or German-speaking expatriate parishes (e.g. in Singapore, Casablanca, Cairo).