Human rights violations are commonplace occurrences

We take human rights for granted, which is why they are often overlooked. The Christian churches of Switzerland are thus calling, to mark Human Rights Day, to observe more closely the human rights of others in everyday situations.
CC/flickr/wili_hybrid/Ville Miettinen

Human rights are something to be taken for granted for the Swiss people. Slavery, torture, and the death penalty have all been abolished and are seen as problems only affecting other parts of the world.

This can, however, be misleading. Human rights violations happen here as well. As they are often hidden in the midst of everyday affairs, we often no longer perceive them as such. When things become a matter of habit, they can easily go unnoticed.

We appeal to the Christian churches on December 10, Human Rights Day, to carefully observe the dignity and fundamental rights of others in their daily interactions with them. It is also important to question one’s own habits with regard to the consequences they entail for people in other parts of the world.

For Christians, all human beings are created in God’s image. This conviction is borne out in ideas about human rights such as that all human beings are deserving of protection and of inalienable dignity. In the words of the common statement of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, and the Christian Catholic Church of Switzerland: “The creation of all human beings in God’s image outweighs all human morality and law, constituting a inviolable boundary to all human orders and judgments”.