It matters who has guns

With its publication entitled “10 Questions and Answers on the Gun Initiative”, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches expanded on its position on the federal referendum “for protection against gun violence”.

Any society that is concerned with domestic safety and which seeks to prevent suicide from occurring needs to care about who is in possession of weapons and how people can gain access to them. Based on this understanding, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) expanded on its position with regard to the Swiss federal referendum “for protection against gun violence”, with the FSPC Council already having published its views on the matter back in 2009. The FSPC now provides 10 answers to 10 questions on the topic on its website (German and French).

The “10 questions – 10 answers” series presented on the FSPC website already attracted great interest on the topics of the anti-minaret referendum and euthanasia. In the edition now published on the gun referendum, the Federation shows how there is a link between gun ownership and acts of violence, how stricter laws would not in fact endanger security in Switzerland, and discusses whether all Christians are pacifists.

The FSPC stands with the victims of armed violence. In its 10 questions and answers on the gun referendum, it does not however assert a moral stance on weapon ownership and criticizes inconsistent forms of pacifism. As the FSPC put it: “The social problem does not lie in the weapons but in the danger of their abuse.” But because there is such abuse, “we need effective laws on the possession and treatment of weapons.”

“Overcoming violence is the goal of all Christians”, the FSPC publication added. Violence cannot, however, be overcome with another source of force, “which can only provide a sense of security as long as it maintains a greater level of coercion.”

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