Locher: The church makes people happy

The church makes people happy but needs to be more eloquent with regard to the Gospel, said FSPC President Gottfried Locher at the Assembly of Delegates today in Bern.

“The church makes people happy”. Those were the words of President Gottfried Locher of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) during the Assembly of Delegates (parliament) meeting today in Bern. Locher introduced the agenda for the new legislative period beginning in 2011 before around 70 assembled delegates of the 26 Reformed and Methodist member churches.

As Locher put it: “We did not only receive the gift of the Gospel but we should also proclaim it. It is the Good News for everyone. And because the news is good, it makes people happy. Whoever proclaims it becomes a conveyor of happiness.” He added: “In this way, and only this way, are we able to say that the church that proclaims the Gospel makes people happy. This is what it means to be the Protestant Church.”

“It does, however, seem to me that our church is having difficulty expressing the Good News in words; words in which I, as a listener, can place my trust,” the FSPC President continued. The challenge lay, as he explained, in regaining one’s voice as “everyone needs a credible church.”

“A true new beginning, a strengthened community of Reformed and Methodist churches in Switzerland requires that we speak clearly about our faith. This is the task that we now face.” Locher concluded with the words: “And we should not give up on expressing ourselves just because we may have problems finding the right words.”