Taking care of the elderly is a universal responsibility and not a question of personal morals, the Swiss national churches state on the occasion of Human Rights Day on December 10.

The Reformation decade presents a tremendous opportunity for the Protestant church, FSPC President Gottfried Locher and Margot Kässmann, the Reformation jubilee ambassador of the German Protestant...

Gottfried Locher and Norbert Brunner appeal to the conflicting parties in the Gaza Strip and Israel to live up to their responsibility for the civilian population and to halt the resurgence of...

The Diaconal Conference of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches met with representatives of Judaism and Islam in Berne last Tuesday to discuss concepts of exercising social responsibility in...

In the current ecumenical situation, the WCRC’s decision to move away from Geneva sends the wrong message, states the FSPC Council, which now wants to find other ways to secure the presence of...

Catholic-Protestant ecumenism is in a state of crisis. A change of perspective about the internal unity of Protestantism is needed, FSPC President Gottfried Locher suggested today in his introductory...

Today, Verena Enzler, Jean-Marc Schmid and Daniel Reuter were elected to form the presidium of the Assembly of Delegates of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches for the 2013-2014 term.

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches rejects the popular initiative “Abortion funding is a private matter.” Society shares responsibility for abortions, the FSPC states in a brochure published...

“Precarity has a gender: it’s female” – this was the title of this year’s FSPC Women’s Conference. The church and its diaconal institutions must take a stand for the recognition of female care work...

FSPC President Gottfried Locher will discuss the state of ecumenism in Switzerland in his Council President’s public address this coming Monday in Berne. The address will open the Assembly of...

The CPCE General Assembly in Florence was a success, the FSPC delegation reports, also paying tribute to outgoing CPCE president Thomas Wipf.

FSPC President Gottfried Locher is one of three Council Presidents of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), the association of European Protestant churches.

FSPC President Gottfried Locher denounces violence against Western institutions after the publication of the Muhammad movie and at the same time appeals against the defamation of Muslims.

On September 20, the plenary assembly of the Swiss National Ecumenical Council (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen in der Schweiz, AGCK-CH) elected Rev. Rita Famos as its new president for the...

Für die Stärkung einer profilierten europäischen evangelischen Stimme nimmt eine Delegation des Kirchenbunds an der GEKE-Vollversammlung in Florenz vom 20.-26. September teil.

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches wants to improve and institutionalize its relations to the federal authorities, the Assembly of Delegates decided today in Aarau.

Addressing the delegates of the FSPC Assembly of Delegates in Aarau, FSPC President Gottfried Locher stresses the importance of defining core message for the upcoming Reformation celebrations.

Religious Communities Issue Joint Appeal on Refugee Sunday and Refugee Sabbath, held June 16/17, 2012.

A draft bill regarding the vocational training of teenaged undocumented immigrants leads to improvements, but also to unequal treatment, says the official response statement by the FSPC. What is...

The delegates of the Diaconal Conference of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches discussed the difference between diaconal services provided by the church and welfare services offered by...

A summit meeting between the FSPC and the EKD in Hannover brought a partnership agreement on its way. In addition, Swiss pastors should soon be able to apply for EKD positions abroad. Finally, the...

“Shared Security is Double the Security – Against a Politics of Fear” was the topic of the spring women’s conference of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches. On March 26, around 50 delegates...

Today the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) submitted its activity report on a pilot project titled “Monitoring Immigration Law Enforcement” to the Federal Office for Migration (FOM)....