FSPC to attend CPCE General Assembly

Für die Stärkung einer profilierten europäischen evangelischen Stimme nimmt eine Delegation des Kirchenbunds an der GEKE-Vollversammlung in Florenz vom 20.-26. September teil.

From September 20 to 26, 2012, a delegation of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches will attend the seventh General Assembly of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) in Florence. By participating in this event the FSPC affirms its commitment to creating an ecumenical path towards growing church unity.

The CPCE is the association of Protestant churches in Europe. Its members include 105 Lutheran, Methodist, Reformed and United Churches from more than 30 European and South American countries. The CPCE thus represents roughly 50 million Protestants. Its avowed goal is to present an ecumenical model of unity for the future.

As a CPCE member, the FSPC contributes its Protestant-Reformed positions to the ecumenical dialogue and to sociopolitical debates in Europe. “The current crisis is shaking the very foundations of our European house. In the heart of Europe, the Protestant churches convene under the motto of ‘free for the future.’ Speaking as the church, we must use this Protestant freedom for the good of Europe. To achieve this, the General Assembly must come up with innovative, forward-looking decisions for the coming years,” said Gottfried Locher, FSPC President and head of the delegation.

The FSPC wants its member churches to realize that they belong to a Protestant church that reaches across borders. The FSPC is interested in fostering a prominent European Protestant voice, not least of all with respect to the ecumenical dialogue in Switzerland.

The delegation will include: Rev. Dr. Gottfried Locher, Rev. Dr. Martin Hirzel (both FSPC), Rev. Cornelia Camichel Bromeis (Graubünden), Rev. Michel Müller (Zurich) and Rev. Ysabelle de Salis (Neuenburg). Rev. Prof. Dr. Lukas Kundert (Basel) will accompany the delegation as a visitor.