FSPC: Publication: “Abortion is not a private matter”

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches rejects the popular initiative “Abortion funding is a private matter.” Society shares responsibility for abortions, the FSPC states in a brochure published today.

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches rejects the demand of the popular initiative “Abortion funding is a private matter” to eliminate health insurance coverage for abortions. The FSPC made this announcement today during a session of the Swiss federal commission for social security and health in Berne. “Abortion is not a private matter” is the title of a brochure handed to commission members in this context.

The termination of a pregnancy conflicts with the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” The FSPC stands by this prohibition to kill. However, when it comes to abortion, there are two lives on the line: the life of the embryo and the life of the pregnant woman. Familial, social and economical hardships can affect a woman’s life so much that she is faced with “social death.” Therefore, society as a whole bears responsibility. As long as we shape our society in a way that makes women experience their pregnancy as an emergency situation, we are partly responsible for their hardship as well as for the resulting abortion.

Precisely because abortion ends a growing life it cannot be pushed into the confines of private life. Abortion is not a private matter. For this reason, the FSPC supports health insurance coverage for abortions if the pregnant woman suffers from economical hardship. The privatization of abortion funding is a step towards the privatization of abortion itself.

Abortions cannot be prevented by applying sanctions, but by offering life perspectives. The FSPC advocates for a child-friendly society. We have to create the proper framework conditions that encourage women to adapt a positive attitude towards motherhood. The churches support this effort by offering pastoral care, diaconal services and practical support in individual parishes.

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