FSPC: WCRC moving away from Geneva sends wrong message

In the current ecumenical situation, the WCRC’s decision to move away from Geneva sends the wrong message, states the FSPC Council, which now wants to find other ways to secure the presence of Reformed churches in the Ecumenical Center.

The Council of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches expressed regret about a decision made yesterday to relocate the central office of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) away from Geneva.

The FSPC understands the economic considerations behind the move. In particular, it is grateful for the great financial and organizational support provided by the Reformed sister churches in Germany. However, the Council thinks that in the current ecumenical situation, the decision to leave Geneva sends the wrong message.

“Community needs congress. With the Ecumenical Center, Geneva possesses one of the world’s most important places for ecumenical exchange,” FSPC President Gottfried Locher told the Assembly of Delegates, which is currently meeting in Berne. “The World Communion is in danger of isolating itself.”

The FSPC Council is aware of its special responsibility for the Reformed churches. Therefore, the Council is convinced that even though the central office may be relocated, the World Communion of Reformed Churches as a whole should still be present in Geneva.

“The Reformed churches need continued access to the ecumenical exchange in Geneva. The FSPC’s own central office is cooperating with the 26 Swiss Protestant churches to find new ways to strengthen the presence of Reformed churches in Geneva,” Locher explained. “We hope that the WCRC will return to the Geneva church family as soon as possible.”

The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) represents approximately 80 million Reformed Christians in 230 churches in 108 countries across the globe.

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