Gottfried Locher elected as one of three CPCE presidents

FSPC President Gottfried Locher is one of three Council Presidents of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), the association of European Protestant churches.
Friedrich Weber, Klára Tarr, Gottfried Locher. Bild: GEKE.

After yesterday’s election, the executive committee of the association of 106 Protestant churches in Europe constituted itself for the legislative period until 2017: During this event, the committee also elected three of its members to form the new presidium. In addition to Dr. Gottfried Locher, the committee elected Prof. Dr. Friedrich Weber, the Regional Bishop of Braunschweig, to the position of chairman, as well as Dr. Klára Tarr of the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Hungary.

The CPCE membership is important for the FSPC, Locher explained. “This is the European home of our Swiss churches. Together with many other churches, we devote ourselves to introducing the Protestant witness to the social, political and ethical challenges in Europe. In this context, the voice of the Reformed churches should be heard loud and clear.”

The CPCE is the common voice of roughly 50 million Protestants in Europe. It contributes pointed Protestant positions to important discussions in society as a whole. Thanks to its founding document, the Leuenberg Concord of 1973, Protestant Christians can share the Eucharist and recognize each other’s baptisms.