Summer Assembly: FSPC to Intensify Representative Work vis-à-vis Federal Authorities

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches wants to improve and institutionalize its relations to the federal authorities, the Assembly of Delegates decided today in Aarau.

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches will expand its representative work on the federal level. This decision was made today by around 70 delegates from the 26 FSPC member churches at the Assembly of Delegates in Aarau.

A postulate by Representative Daniel Reuter (Zurich) raised the issue of possible improvements in the relations of the FSPC to the federal authorities. In his response before the Assembly, FSPC Vice President Peter Schmid confirmed that the FSPC is constitutionally bound to represent the “common interests of its members and of Swiss Protestantism.” The legislative goals of the Council for 2011-2014 support this endeavor.

“The expertise of the main office and the council network make the FSPC a highly competent discussion partner,” Schmid explained. “More up-to-date than ever, more face-to-face than ever – this is how we want things to be.”

To achieve this goal, the FSPC Council wants to pursue a threefold strategy: 1. Expand and develop the structures of representative work established by its main office. 2. Intensify cooperative efforts with Swiss non-parliamentary commissions will be intensified. 3. Sharpen the focus of the FSPC’s representative work.

Schmid emphasized that the wide range of relations maintained with federal authorities was in need of more structure. This is a two-way process: the FSPC must take care to effectively communicate its positions to the right decision-makers; and in turn, any church-relevant information from the political sphere must be communicated to the churches as quickly as possible.