Christina Tuor to head St. Regula Church project in Chur

The Protestant congregation of Chur elected Christina Tuor to head the St. Regula Church project. Starting from early 2014, the habilitated theologian will develop and implement a sustainable church program for an interested audience at St. Regula Church.

First established in the 9th century, St. Regula Church in the historic district of Chur was named after St. Regula, a Christian martyr at the time of the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. In the 12th century it became a neighborhood church. Currently the church is not used for regular worship services.

Christina Tuor has been the Director of the Institute for Theology and Ethics (ITE) of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches since 2008. The ITE is a committee supporting the FSPC member churches in finding answers to current problems and key issues. She also oversees the project for launching the Swiss Sermon Award.

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches congratulates Christina Tuor on being elected but is also sad to see her go. The FSPC is very grateful for the valuable work Christina Tuor has done for the FSPC in the last five years.