FSPC calls upon Swiss Federal Council to protect Christians in the Middle East

Today, the Assembly of Delegates of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches adopted a resolution “regarding Christians under threat.” It will now be submitted to the Swiss Federal Council.
Photo: Gion Pfander

Christians are the most threatened religious group in the world. In the countries of the “Arab Spring,” they become surrogate victims of an aggression that is really directed against the Western world; they are held hostage by terrorist transgressors or competing denominational movements within Muslim societies.

With these words, the FSPC Assembly of delegates stated the reason for their “Resolution Regarding Christians under Threat” in the Middle East, which was adopted today in Filzbach, GL. In the resolution, roughly 70 representatives of the 26 FSPC member churches call upon the Swiss Federal Council to “take a stand against the discrimination, marginalization and intimidation of Christian women and men.”

Most Christians who are plagued by violence and threats do not want to leave their home countries. They want to celebrate and confess to their faith freely and publicly without harassment, states the paper, which will now be submitted to the Swiss Federal Council. “Their wishes correspond with the principle of Swiss human rights policy to intervene on behalf of people in precarious situations in their own home countries so that they may live their life in freedom and dignity in their familiar surroundings. Therefore, politicians are called upon to take a stand against the perilous situation of Christians.“

Specifically, the delegates call upon the Federal Council to “firmly insist” that Christians are given freedom of conscience, opinion, assembly and religion, as well as legal certainty, to “establish monitoring and assessment of the situation of Christian churches as an integral part of Switzerland’s foreign policy agenda,” and to “raise awareness and provide education regarding religious issues” among the staff of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA) deployed abroad.

The undignified and dangerous situation of many Christians is the concern of all people confessing to the Christian faith and calls upon them to show solidarity in prayer and action,” the resolution concludes.