FSPC President Gottfried Locher visits protestant christians in Egypt

FSPC President Gottfried Locher on another solidarity visit in the Middle East – invites Protestant Egyptian senators to Switzerland.
Safwat Elbaiady, President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt; Gottfried Locher, President of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches.

The FSPC reaffirms its solidarity with Christians in the Middle East: Following a trip to Beirut in April, Gottfried Locher met with leading representatives of the Protestant Churches in Egypt and the Swiss Ambassador to Egypt on Whit Monday.

Locher also discussed the situation of the Christian minority with Protestant members of the senate. “What is lacking in Egypt is an economic perspective – but above all, safety,” stated Senator Freddy Elbaiady, a member of the human rights committee and director of an intercultural hospital. “Egypt is our home. And yet, we have to fight for our civil rights,” the physician and politician pointed out: “Despite growing discrimination by the leading political parties, many Christians do not want to forsake their home country.” Elbaiady called upon the European countries to lend spiritual and financial support to projects in Egypt that focus on peace mediation between Christians and Muslims.

“A country that chases away its children is not free,” said FSPC President Gottfried Locher, addressing the Egyptian rulers. He added that the desire for freedom will never be fulfilled if it is only awarded to some parts of the population: “Whoever wants to claim freedom for themselves also must concede it to others.” Locher invited Protestant senators to Switzerland to engage in discussions and establish contacts in church, politics and society. Afterwards, Locher conversed with the Swiss ambassador to Egypt to learn more about the diplomat’s assessment of the situation.