Gottfried Locher receives honorary doctorate

Today, the Debrecen Reformed Theological University (Hungary) will confer the title of Doctor Honoris Causa upon FSPC President Gottfried Locher. The university is honoring Gottfried Locher’s activities in the field of ecumenical theology as well as his commitment to the churches of Eastern Europe.
Református Kollégium. CC/Tim Waters

“The council extends its warmest congratulations to Gottfried Locher. This great honor clearly shows that the Swiss contribution to the worldwide Protestant and Reformed community of faith is being appreciated and highly valued,” said Peter Schmid, Vice President of the FSPC Council.

The honorary doctorate will be conferred in the course of the university’s 475th anniversary celebrations. The theological faculty of Debrecen University was founded in 1538 as a Calvinist college and soon became known as the “Calvinist Rome.” In addition to its Reformed theology research, the university is strongly involved in building a network among the Reformed churches and theologians all across Europe.