Honoring the art of preaching – Federation of Churches launches 1st Swiss Sermon Award

Reformation Sunday 2014 will mark the first presentation of the Sermon Award of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, which is valued at CHF 3,000. All information can be found on www.schweizer-predigtpreis.ch (in German or French).

A sermon is a work of art, and the act of preaching is a powerful tradition of the Reformation. To honor and appreciate this tradition the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) is launching the first Swiss Sermon Award. It aims to strengthen the culture of the sermon and to bring it to public attention. It also aims to honor well-made efforts of translating the Gospel for our times. The many and diverse works of sermon art created every Sunday in our churches deserve our attention.

The Sermon Award launch event at Markuskirche in Bern, presented by television host Kurt Aeschbacher, fulfills of one of the FSPC Council’s legislative goals. Until March 31, 2014, sermons can be submitted in two language categories (German/Romansh and French/Italian), in a conscious acknowledgement of linguistic diversity in Switzerland.

Everyone – ordained or not ordained – who has a mandate to deliver sermons in a Protestant parish is invited to participate.

After a preliminary selection by the jury, the authors of the selected sermons are visited by jury members during a worship service. Then, the jury selects the best sermon. The Swiss Sermon Award is valued at CHF 3,000.

Several eminent individuals agreed to be in the jury, which is also divided into the two language categories. They will judge the written sermon texts on how they take up the theological dimension of a biblical text and transfer them to the here and now. This is why the sermon must be delivered before a parish community before it is submitted.

The following individuals have agreed to be in the jury:

Walo Deuber (Zurich), Chatrina Gaudenz (Chur), Ralph Kunz (Zurich), Niklaus Peter (Zurich), David Plüss (Bern).

Carolina Costa Micucci (Geneva), Hans-Peter Mathys (Basel), Elisabeth Parmentier (Strasbourg), Simona Rauch (Vicosoprano), Kristin Rossier Buri (Lutry), Paolo Tognina (Manno).

More information: www.schweizer-predigtpreis.ch (in German or French)