Who needs Sundays, anyway?

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches presents 10 answers to 10 questions on the significance of Sundays. The free brochure is now available for download at www.sek.ch (in German).

“Sunday is the stumbling block of our weekly routine. It nudges us off the beaten path. Sunday holds up a social mirror to us all: Where do we belong? With whom do we want to spend our time?”

A short excerpt from the brochure “Wer braucht schon den Sonntag?” (“Who needs Sundays, anyway?”) published today. In the most recent edition of its “10 Questions, 10 Answers” series, the FSPC puts some thought-provoking statements about Sundays up for discussion: Sundays, the FSPC states, are “a kind of therapy against the routine of everyday life and a detox center for the delirium of frenzied activity.”

“Life also means living together,” the FSPC adds. “Togetherness needs regular, shared free time. People who have to work on Sunday are missing from this togetherness.”

“The churches will continue to celebrate Sundays no matter what,“ the FSPC confirms. The worship service reveals a central theme of Sundays: Being together, celebrating community, sharing time. “What the church needs, successful communal life needs even more: community and synchronicity.”

In the face of the ongoing discussion about Sunday rest and Sunday work, the FSPC states: “It goes without saying that vital services have to be available on Sundays. As for everything that makes life more pleasant and convenient on Sundays, the pros and cons will have to be weighed carefully. Those who work for this convenience are robbed of their Sunday rest.”