500 years of Reformation: 2017 unites Protestant Churches

Today, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) and the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) present the book “500 Jahre Reformation: Bedeutung und Herausforderungen” (“500 years of Reformation: Significance and Challenges”) with reports from the International Congress on the Reformation Jubilee, which took place October 2013 in Zurich. 250 participants from 35 countries had been in attendance. In the course of a talk in Hannover on September 19, 2014, Daniel de Roche, Delegate of the FSPC Council for 2017, presents the new publication to Margot Kässmann, the EKD Reformation Ambassador, and reminds us that the Reformation unites all Protestant Churches.

The Reformation was an international movement spanning several decades. The jubilee festivities, starting in 2017, are to take this fact into account. Daniel de Roche, Delegate of the FSPC Council for 2017, calls to mind: “The Reformation is based on the biblical rediscovery of God’s unconditional love for all humankind. With the Leuenberg Agreement, signed in 1973, the borders between the churches originating from the Reformation movement were erased. The congress in Zurich shows that there is one Reformation for all the Protestant Churches.” Therefore, in 2017, all churches carrying on the legacy of 1517, are to come together – including the Evangelical Free Churches.

“The congress kicked off a theological debate among the participants about the challenges and the topics to be worked on regarding the Reformation. It would be important to work on these issues before 2017,” said Serge Fornerod, one of the book’s four co-editors. On the website www.ref-500.ch, under the heading of “Forum”, the debate on roughly a dozen issues can be continued interactively.

Key topics of the congress included the numerous and diverse sources of Reformation, its energizing force that lasted for several decades, and the universal impact it had by spreading through all regions of the world. Roughly 40 authors from 16 countries addressed these issues. Their contributions have been collected in the book “500 Jahre Reformation: Bedeutung und Herausforderungen” (“500 Years of Reformation: Significance and Challenges”), which was published in German by Theologischer Verlag Zürich (TVZ) and in French by Labor & Fides. The book can be ordered on the FSPC website. And English version, created in cooperation the World Council of Churches, will be published in October.

Title: 500 Jahre Reformation: Bedeutung und Herausforderungen (in German and French)
Edited by: P. Bosse-Huber, S. Fornerod, T. Gundlach and G. W. Locher
ISBN-No.: 978-3-290-17765-2
Pages: 388
Price: ca. CHF 32.80