FSPC publishes Protestant book of faith

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches is publishing a Protestant book of faith."Rede und Antwort stehen - Glauben nach dem Unservater" [“Providing Answers – Faith According to the Our Father”] offers Protestant positions on key issues of faith.

Most people know the Our Father, or Lord’s Prayer.Many even know the prayer from the Sermon on the Mount by heart. In the book of faith now published by the FSPC, six German-speaking and French-speaking theologians take the Our Father as the basis to discuss the Christian faith from a Reformed perspective.

Line for line, the book walks through the Our Father prayer.Each petition has its own chapter that bridges the historical context and the present, also discussing its significance for our life today.Each chapter is headed by a key question of Christian faith that is explored in the text.Each chapter concludes with the question of practical implications:What is the point of it all – for me and for us as a society?

“Our book of faith is a book of community,” says FSC President Gottfried Locher. “Readers will receive things from others, things that apply to their own lives.The people taking up this book will read of courage, solace and hope.”

The book of faith published by the FSPC wants to provide answers to questions of faith.It talks about God’s will, about temptation, guilt and freedom, about faith and faithlessness, about evil, about trust and fidelity, and about the prayer of the church.The book presents the joint path of thinking of its authors.In this sense, it sets an example and provokes readers to develop their own thoughts and share them with others.

“The book of faith leaves room for both hope and doubt,” adds Gottfried Locher.“This is not a sanctimonious book.Our book is a book for the mind and the heart.”

“Rede und Antwort stehen - Glauben nach dem Unservater,” 272 pages, published by TVZ-Verlag, CHF 42,–.ISBN 978-3-290-17766-9. Edited by the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) with a foreword by Gottfried Locher. Written by Pierre Bühler, Käthi La Roche, Frank Mathwig, Marie-Christine Michau, Otto Schäfer, Matthias D. Wüthrich.

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