FSPC Rejects Ecopop Initiative

In the view of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC), the Ecopop Initiative only provides the appearance of a solution to a wrongly phrased question. This rigid sort of policy is not conducive to reaching any goal, nor is it compatible with a Christian understanding of one’s home country. In its flyer (German: Heimat ist Geschenk / French: La patrie en cadeau), the FSPC names five reasons for its position on the Swiss referendum to be held on November 30. The flyer can be ordered in either French or German at www.sek.ch without charge.

5 reasons to reject the Ecopop Initiative:

1. Our homeland is not our property but a gift of God. From a Christian point of view, drawing defensive boundaries cannot be a guiding perspective for our relationship with our land. The rigid control of immigration proposed by Ecopop chiefly serves to preserve the privileges of a small number of people, while forgetting that all human beings share a single planet together. This was expressed in the FSPC statement Heimat ist Geschenk/La patrie en cadeau on the Swiss Ecopop Initiative, “Stop overpopulation – Preserve the natural basis of life”.

2. Building dividing walls does not protect God’s creation. The only thing ecological about Ecopop is its name. To protect the earth entrusted to us, we first need to reduce our own use of resources. The FSPC is convinced that, in this light, sealing ourselves off in this way is only a distraction.

3. Developmental cooperation is more than keeping birth rates down. The suggestion made by Ecopop to use ten percent of developmental aid to reduce birth rates, is not conducive to reaching any goal. Developmental cooperation involves fighting poverty, supporting education, economic independence, and political participation. Family policy can only succeed in this manner and only with expanded rights and improved living conditions – and those of mothers and women in particular.

Rejecting Ecopop and maintaining solidarity in Switzerland

4. Sealing oneself off to the external world leads to internal division. Switzerland is a model for unity in diversity; it is a nation united by choice. External barriers have an impact on the ability to accept those living within one’s own borders, endangering our own internal solidarity.

5. The Ecopop Initiative threatens the protection of human dignity. Since the 19th century, Switzerland has been exemplary and impactful in its advocacy for human rights. The Ecopop Initiative would inadmissibly impede adherence to the Geneva Convention of Refugees. The churches stand for the protection of human dignity; this is unnegotiable.

The flyer with the 5 FSCP messages can be ordered here. The complete statement of the FSPC Council can be downloaded here.