A new beginning in the Reformed understanding of church

The Reformed Churches of Switzerland decide to create a Swiss Synod. The church also exists on a national level – this is what the Assembly of Delegates of the Federation on Swiss Protestant Churches affirmed in Bern.

A Swiss synod is to complement the synods of the member churches. With this decision, the Assembly of Delegates of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) today strengthened the national level of the Reformed Church in Switzerland. With four key statements on what it means to be the church, the AD at the same time paved the way for continuing the revision of the FSPC constitution. “The Protestant-Reformed church lives as a parish, as a cantonal church and as a Switzerland-wide church community,” the paper states.

For FSPC President Gottfried Locher, the AD resolution is a milestone: “The Swiss Reformed Christians made a courageous decision today. Courage is the middle way between hesitation and hubris. We have found this middle way. Our unity is strengthened. The trust in our church community is growing.” The four key statements express a consensus that has been emerging in the course of the revision process: They represent the cornerstones for the new constitution and a solid basis for continuing this work. The next step will be to draft suggestions for the new FSPC constitution that are capable of achieving consensus.