Appeal to take in refugees

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches calls upon its member churches and parishes to welcome refugees and provide rooms for them. Many churches and parishes are already working hard to offer support to refugees. The current situation demands an intensification of these efforts.

The refugees’ fates move our hearts. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving their homes behind because of persecution or lack of life perspectives. Switzerland is faced with political and humanitarian challenges when it comes to guiding these people through the asylum process and to integrating them in our society. Authorities state that housing capacities for asylum seekers are about to reach their limits. The shelters are full.

On behalf of the FSPC Council, President Locher is therefore asking parishes and churches to consider if parts of their community centers or other church facilities would be suitable for use as recreation areas, classrooms or even as housing. In addition, the FSPC calls upon its members to get involved in refugee projects and to help refugees adapt to everyday life in their new situation.

“I was a stranger and you invited me in,” it says in the Gospel of Matthew. Hospitality is a landmark of Protestant faith. Whoever shows kindness to strangers recognizes the brother or sister in the other person. Hospitality is incredibly valuable to the people coming to us from far away – just as it is to us.