FSPC presents photo app for Reformation Jubilee

“R500 Photo” is the name of the photo app for the Reformation Jubilee created by the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches. The free app is now available for iOS and Android. Every submitted picture counts towards a donation to projects of the Protestant relief organizations.

“We are grateful for the Reformation’s many achievements. 500 years later, we want to show our gratitude by helping people in need. Help us help them!” Under this motto, the FSPC presented its first smartphone application “R500 Photo” during the Assembly of Delegates at Bern City Hall today.

The app for iOS and Android places an R-shaped stencil around the lens of the smartphone camera. This “R” is the logo of the Reformation Jubilee in Switzerland. Users can fill the “R” shape with their photos, thus turning everyday moments into “R” moments.

Every photo supports four projects of the Swiss Protestant relief organizations: Bread for All, Swiss Interchurch Aid, Mission 21 and DM échange et mission.  These projects provide help to people who are socially marginalized or live in precarious circumstances.  The FSPC donates CHF 2000 for every 500 uploaded pictures. With their input, photographers support traumatized working migrant women in Hong Kong, villagers affected by pollution in the Basse Kondo region in the Republic of the Congo, refugees in the northwest of Colombia and impoverished communities in Mozambique.

In addition to this tangible support, the pictures are intended to reflect a colorful image of the Reformation Jubilee.  To this end, a gallery with donated R-photos is being created at the Reformation Jubilee website, www.ref-500.ch.  From time to time, particularly creative and beautiful R-photos will be given special recognition.

All information and links can be found at www.ref-500.ch (in German and French).  The “R500 Photo” app is now available free of charge in the app stores of Apple and Google. Further Information (in German)