The latest attacks on freedom and religious peace

The Council of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) condemns the recent vicious and cowardly attacks in Brussels. In the words of Council President Gottfried Locher: “The terror perpetrated by fanatic Islamists apparently knows no limits. Misguided criminals misuse religion, threaten our free society, and endanger the religious peace. Yesterday it was Paris, today Brussels, and tomorrow?”
The horrendous attacks in Brussels killed or maimed numerous innocent people and tore apart the lives of all their friends and family. We need to respond to the victims’ suffering by standing up together against each and every attack on our basic free and democratic convictions, on the protection of human dignity, and on the validity of human rights. Islamist terrorism threatens the entire world, including Switzerland, and presents difficult challenges to both national and international security policy. Security in a free society requires common basic attitudes and a reliable partnership in solidarity and trust. Religions are not exempt from misuse. As Gottfried Locher put it: “In the days leading up to Easter, we bear in mind that death does not have the final word. Love is stronger than any powers of evil.”