R-City Guide: An app guide to the Swiss Cities of the Reformation

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches launches “R-City Guide,” a free app featuring interactive tours in ten key locations of the Swiss Reformation. The app is now available for free at the App Store and Google Play.

500 years ago, the Reformation profoundly changed Europe’s social fabric. In many cities in Switzerland, the changes and innovations are visible even today. Windows, commemorative plaques, fountains and whole streets from Lake Constance to Geneva tell exciting stories.

These Cities of the Reformation in Switzerland are waiting to be explored by digital means – with the “R-City Guide” app for iOS and Android that is now available for free at the App Store and Google Play.

GPS-guided tours show your own location and guide you along key points of interest that are explained with texts, images and audio. Users can discover Zwingli’s birthplace in Wildhaus in the district of Obertoggenburg, explore the backgrounds of the “disputation window” inside Lausanne Cathedral, visit the “Churer Hasenstube” in the St. Martin parsonage and view Europe’s largest church clock in Zurich.

The app is primarily intended as well for interested Protestant Christians as for tourists who are looking for a fun and informative way to explore the Swiss Cities of the Reformation.  More in-depth information is also available in long versions of the texts on the national website on the Reformation Jubilee, ref-500.ch.

A national calendar of events complements the R-City Guide; in addition, links to the participating Reformed Cantonal churches and the Cantonal tourism websites are provided. The first version, published today, includes Basel, Bern, Chur, Geneva, Ilanz, Lausanne, Neuenburg, St.Gallen, Wildhaus and Zurich. Schaffhausen will be added in the coming year.

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