Sabine Brändlin elected to join FSPC Council

The Assembly of Delegates of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) elected Sabine Brändlin as its newest council member. Ms. Brändlin succeeds Regula Kummer, who retired from the council. She will take up her new task in January 2017 and continue to serve on the council for the remaining mandate period of 2015-2018.
Picture: Thomas Flügge, FSPC

“Our church may become poorer and smaller. But we can hardly accept it to just grow older and older as well. In order to make sure that the next generation, too, can grow up with the Christian faith and discover roots for living in it, we need to work together as men and women, as human beings with diverse theological perspectives and as representatives of all generations, regions and levels of church hierarchy. Based on this understanding, I would like to get involved in the FSPC Council,” stated the newly elected council member, Ms. Brändlin.

After studying theology at the universities of Basel and Bern, Ms. Brändlin was ordained as a pastor in 2000. She holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management.  In 2013, after working as a parish pastor for 12 years, she became the head of the “Women, Men and Gender” department of the Reformed Church of Aargau. In 2016, she was appointed to the management board; since then, she has been in charge of the “Pastoral Care and Cantonal Services” department.