“think open – act free – believe anew:” That is the message of “500 Years of Reformation”

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) has developed a slogan for 2017, the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation. The various possibilities of recombining the words give it a certain playfulness. It appeals to readers and inspires them – to think, act and believe. It is the result of successful cooperation with the FSPC member churches.

In addition to the existing logo, the FSPC has also developed a message for the communication of the anniversary. The slogan is used for all anniversary-related communication, acting like a thematic bracket and serving as a common thread for the various events.

God’s unconditional love frees us from our constraints. Thus, we can think openly, act freely and believe anew. The slogan expresses the certainty that it is not our own actions, but only God’s grace (the Reformers’ sola gratia) that justifies us.

The slogan points toward the future and inspires contemplation and critical thought. It combines theological relevance with emotional attributes. In addition, it has a playful aspect, because its elements can be recombined, which is intended to encourage creative uses.

Various experts from the member churches, as well as two representatives of the Reformed Media created the slogan for “500 Years of Reformation” under the FSPC’s guidance.  The council has officially approved the slogan. In coordination with the churches of the various language regions, the FSPC main office developed a graphic realization and translated the slogan as follows:

quer denken – frei handeln – neu glauben

riflessione libera – azione concreta – fede gioiosa

vulair pensar – pudair agir – dastgar crair

think open – act free – believe anew


Katharina Dunigan
Communications Secretary for “500 Years of Reformation”
Tel. +31 370 25 57