CPCE-President Locher on the Palm Sunday attacks: “Hold on to the Paschal Greeting!”

With a letter of condolence, Gottfried Locher, president of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, offers his sympathies to the victims of the attacks in Egypt.

Letter of Condelence in words:

Your Holiness,

On Palm Sunday, your church, your parishes, your believers once again were brutally attacked. We were deeply shocked to hear of these horrible atrocities.

On behalf of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, I am sending you my deepest condolences.  In doing so, I represent more than 100 churches in more than 30 European countries, over 50 million Christians. Please be assured of our solidarity. In these dark hours, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your fears are our fears; this threat to you is a threat to us.

These attacks were carried out by persons abusing their own religion and killing believers in order to weaken the government and to scare away minorities.

These misguided criminals are threatening your society by trying to drive a wedge between peacefully coexisting Muslims and Christians.  You cannot allow that to happen. Safety and peace need reliable partners.

In the midst of this horror and suffering, Christians of all cultures are celebrating Easter together. We are reminded that death does not have the last word. Love is stronger than all the forces of evil.

Some years ago, the Protestant Christians in Switzerland made a joint resolution that called upon the Swiss Federal Council to take a stand against discrimination, marginalization and harassment of Christian minorities all over the world and to establish monitoring and assessing their situation as an inherent part of their foreign policy agenda.

The undignified situation of many Christians is a grievance that must concern all those who confess the Christian faith and calls upon them to practice communion in prayer and solidarity in action.

Thus, we want to hold on to the Paschal Greeting:
Christ is Risen!

Gottfried Locher
President of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe CPCE
President of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches FSPC

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