Gottfried Locher appointed Honorary Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

On January 27, the President of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches was appointed Honorary Ecumenical Canon in an Evensong service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.
© Graham Lacdao

This rare appointment is an expression of the flourishing relationship between the Church of England and the Protestant Reformed Church of Switzerland. The appointment is purely honorary and does not involve any obligations. “Our churches are facing similarly great challenges. It is all the more important, then, that we learn from each other. The Anglicans do some things differently than we do, but every glimpse across the ecumenical picket fence is helpful,” said Locher. 

The installation took place in the presence of Swiss Ambassador Dominik Furgler, as well as of representatives of seven Reformed cantonal churches and the theological departments of Zurich, Bern and Fribourg. The Swiss representatives are currently visiting London in the course of a study trip organized for the second time by the Study Center for Faith and Society (Studienzentrum für Glaube und Gesellschaft) of Fribourg University. For 25 years, the Anglican Church in London has been in a process of theological and ecclesial renewal. The aim of the trip is to learn about these departures where they happen and to explore possible points of contact for the Reformed Church in Switzerland.