Open, free, new – a campaign gets to the heart of the Reformation Jubilee

Together with the Reformed Churches of Switzerland, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches is launching a national campaign on the occasion of the 500-year Reformation Jubilee. Its aim is to communicate the key messages of the Reformation in a nutshell. The Switzerland-wide campaign promotes media attention and raises awareness of the diversity of regional and local events celebrating the Reformation Jubilee.

The slogan “think open – act free – believe anew” boils down the effects of the Reformation 500 years ago to three essential points:

The insight that all human beings are the same before God is not only true for society, but for the church as well: no subservient obedience, but a debate among equals, along with some creative, open-minded thinking. The Reformers overhauled the concept of freedom:  Because of God’s love, we are truly free to serve others. And faith is not a commodity that can be managed, but a barb against human habits that enables us to turn the world upside down.

The slogan’s three statements are illustrated by images and pictograms. The campaign aims to speak the language of “digital natives” by rapidly combining images, text and graphics. Images on contemporary issues such as the refugee situation, combined with the pictogram for “add friends,” call upon the viewer to act humanely and keep an open mind. On the topic of “believing anew,” prayer is reinterpreted using the pictogram for “source of energy.” The campaign leaves enough room for individual interpretation of the Reformation’s effects that started 500 years ago. It articulates the fundamental values that can still change our lives today.

The campaign includes posters across Switzerland, media contributions, online communication, book presentations, exhibitions, lectures and events. It is accompanied by a distribution event in various Swiss train stations on October 31, the day Luther published his 95 theses in Wittenberg. Think open – act free – believe anew – I like it!

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