RESET: Back to the start. 500-Year Reformation Jubilee is this year’s guest at Rendezvous Bundesplatz

RESET is the name of an artistic representation of the many-faceted history of the Reformation in the seventh edition of the light and sound spectacle “Rendezvous Bundesplatz.” Indeed, the Reformers were concerned with returning to the origins, time and again. “Reset” does not leave the system, but is a part of it and refers to the capability of interrupting our own routines and of starting anew without losing the system.

On the occasion of the Reformation Jubilee, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC), the cantonal churches of Aargau, Bern, Freiburg, St. Gallen, Zug and Zurich, as well as the Swiss Reformation Foundation, have teamed up to act as a conceptual partner in this year’s Rendezvous Bundesplatz event.  Under the direction of Starlight Events, Zurich, with Auviso, Kriens as the technical partner, the artists of Casa Magica tell the story of the Reformation without glossing over their darker aspects.

 “The light piercing the darkness and illuminating the historically charged façade represents the hard-won freedom that today is a part of the Swiss DNA and inherent in all citizens – this freedom is what we must maintain, respect and protect,” said Gottfried Locher, President of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches.

It’s a perfect correspondence to the Reformer’s criticism of images that Rendezvous Bundesplatz projects, and doesn’t paint, the Reformation scenes on the façade of the Swiss Federal Parliament Building (Bundeshaus). In daylight, when the projectors are switched off, reality is no longer overlaid by images: now, viewers can create their own images of a new start.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at 6 pm, a free introduction (making of) to this year’s light show with the entire team of artists takes place at Heiliggeistkirche in Bern.

Rendezvous at the Federal Plaza 2017: “RESET”

Running time: 13. October 13 to November 25, 2017
Performances twice daily at 7:00pm and 8:30pm.
Additional performances Thursday to Saturday, 9:30pm.

Pictures available from 10/13/17 at or