Working on Christmas Eve means being missed at home

Christmas Eve is a family day. This year, the start of the Christmas holidays also falls on a Sunday. The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches strongly believes that shops should be closed on this day.
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Advent is the time when Christians prepare for the feast of Christmas. It has not been a time of fasting for a long time, but it is still considered a time of calm and reflection. In sharp contrast to this ideal, many people experience the Advent season as a stressful and hectic time.

The FSPC believes that the needs of all people must be considered, which means that in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Sunday shopping should not be the norm so as to give enough space to our shared Christian roots and traditions. This is even more important when the fourth advent Sunday coincides with the beginning of the Christmas holidays. The FSPC supports the appeal for keeping stores closed on Sunday, December 24, and encourages business owners to let their employees be with their families on this day. “Working on Christmas Eve means being missed at home. And those who have to work on Sunday, December 24, this year are absent as their families prepare for one of the most important family holidays of the year,” said FSPC President Gottfried Locher.

The FSPC has repeatedly spoken out on the importance of Sundays in society and in Christian church culture. Sundays provide a break from everyday routine and protect people’s freedom because they put a limit on their economic disposability. It creates space for relaxation, recreation and human interaction. A society that no longer takes the time for reflection and calm, for attending church and thereby also heeding and keeping alive its own traditions and origins, puts its very foundations at risk.

The FSCP would also like to refer to the media releases by the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, “No Sunday shopping on Christmas Eve” and the Swiss Evangelical Alliance, “No Black Friday on Christmas Eve” on the same topic.