Rev. Pierre de Salis elected President of the FSPC Assembly of Delegates

The delegates of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) are convening at Bern’s Town Hall on November 5 and 6, 2018. The assembly elected the Neuchatel pastor Pierre de Salis to be President of the Assembly of Delegates for the term of 2019-2020. If the new FSPC constitution is adopted, he will take the helm of the transition from today’s Assembly of Delegates to a national synod.
Pfarrer Pierre de Salis zVg

Rev. Pierre de Salis thanked the Assembly of Delegates for the confidence they have placed in him, and is looking forward to a unique time in the nearly hundred-year history of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches: the transition from the Assembly of Delegates to the Synod of the Protestant Reformed Church of Switzerland.

“I believe that this transition offers a singular opportunity to provide Swiss Protestantism with greater visibility and to honor our mission as a driving force within society – a driving force in ethical and spiritual terms and a driving force for a coexistence in the spirit of the Gospel, for mutual respect, for an active resistance to all forms of violence, and for the care of the weakest among us. We must also remain mindful in our efforts of the environment in the theological sense of protecting creation. The new Synod should do all that it can to support the cantonal churches to this end.”