Relief Organizations

CC/CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

Bread for All BFA

BFA is the development aid organization of the Protestant churches in Switzerland. BFA supports approximately 400 development projects and programs all over the world. It also organizes an annual collection and information campaign in cooperation with the Catholic Lenten offering and Christian Catholic organization “Partner Sein.” BFA engages in development policy to make an impact on economic, political and social conditions. BFA works on an ecumenical basis and adheres to the following principles: Respecting human rights and supporting sustainable development in the One World, acting with social responsibility and protecting natural resources.

Swiss Interchurch Aid HEKS

HEKS is the relief organization of the Protestant churches in Switzerland. HEKS is guided by the principle of empowerment, or helping people to help themselves. Every project is tailored to the needs and wishes of the local population. Thanks to years of fruitful relations to local organizations and churches, HEKS is able to offer quick and efficient relief.

All over the world, HEKS provides survival and emergency relief and combats the causes of hunger and social hardship. Its principal goal, however, is to bring about a sustainable improvement of life conditions that will also benefit future generations.

Peace activism: Activities include working for peace and strengthening legal certainty for civil populations as well as facilitating communication, providing peace education and protecting potential victims of violence through presence and observation.

Refugees and migrants: According to the UNHCR, approximately 37 million people are currently refugees. HEKS advocates for asylum seekers and supports the integration of immigrants in Switzerland.

Food security: More than 800 million people around the world suffer from undernourishment or malnutrition. HEKS fights hunger in 17 southern countries.