Legislative Goals 2015–2018

Being Protestant, Being Church

Reformed and Methodist churches from all throughout Switzerland proclaim the Gospel together – representing over two million people in 26 churches. Each day, these churches pass the Christian faith on to others, translating it for our times and for people’s lives today. All throughout the country, men, women, children, and young people are active in over a thousand congregations. All of them and all of us make up the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches. Within the FSPC, we constitute the church together across all parish and cantonal boundaries. 
I am therefore happy to present you our legislative goals for 2015 through 2018 on behalf of the Council. These goals describe what we seek to change, move, and develop, and you can read here which points of focus we will pursue under each of the headings below. And as you will see: We are faced with great tasks ahead.
On behalf of the Council, I would like to express my cordial thanks for taking an active interest in our work.

Gottfried Locher,
President, FSPC Council

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