Protestant Roots

The Protestant churches transport the Christian witness into the future

The FSPC and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

A series of national events will serve to underscore the sig-nificance of the Reformation for society all throughout Switzerland. The FSPC will be commemorating the Reformation from the launch of the series on Reformation Sunday 2016 through to the central event at Bern’s Bundesplatz in summer 2017.

The FSPC promotes the Christian faith in its Protestant form

Christian life is oriented  toward the biblical message. Access to the Bible should thus be promoted through a variety of approaches. The Institute for Theology and  Ethics has provided encouragement to this end, focusing on issues of faith from a Protestant perspective with their relevance to people’s lives today. 

The FSPC works for religious peace.

Societal cohesion is founded in shared values. Religious communities contribute much to this end and their freedoms therefore need to be protected. The FSPC currently chairs the Swiss Council of Religions.