Religious Landscape - Reformed Church

Around one-third of the population of Switzerland belongs to a Reformed Church community. But who and what are these “Reformists”? Would you like to get to know them better? You have the following options.

Encountering Reformed Church culture and history

Are you interested in Reformed Church culture in Switzerland? Would you like to know how the Reformation in Switzerland developed and what has become of it? We have prepared a list of excursion destinations where you can experience Reformed Church culture and history.

Visiting Reformed Church buildings

Are you interested in buildings from the Reformation in Switzerland and would you like to visit our churches? We have listed a number of Reformed Churches for you to visit.

Visiting Reformed Church events

Would you like to attend a religious service or visit an event in a Reformed Church community? This link will take you to the events calendar and community websites.

Enjoying Reformed Church hospitality

Are you looking for a hotel run on Christian principles, a place of peace, encounters and prayer?

Fundamental principles of the Reformed Churches in Switzerland

Do you know the fundamental principles of the Reformed Church in Switzerland, such as “Jesus Christ alone”, “By grace alone”, “By scripture alone” and “The priesthood of all believers”? Many people are unaware that these principles still shape the daily life of Reformists. See for yourself.